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Merci Beaucoup <3

 Wow, just wow. 

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote and drew for the WAVE!3. 

We managed 21 stories - there were only 3 other one shots posted that day and 11 stories were updated with chapters. 

I think we can safely say that YuBo OWNS XDD

I'm particularly thrilled with the diversity of entries and the higher number of participating authors. There were friendship fics, some limey stories, lots of romantic comedy, and even darker pieces about colors, whores, and OCD.  

It's safe to say we covered a lot of ground <3 

So thank you to all the fans, from the amazing authors to the kind reviews and all around supporters! 

I'm flattered that you all spoiled me so much. 

The fandom loves its fans <3 

And special thanks go to Neena14 who spammed the hell out of the WAVE!3

I'm totally doing this again next year! 

But for now, have a look at the completed page:

And also, because these are the cutest things ever. 

Love, your mod, who is happily satiated, 

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