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I don't know. Methanoos drew a picture of Yuriy and Boris, which I cannot capture in words. But I was inspired enough to try.

There is something magical about the way that Boris stares at Yuriy. His eyes are very serious and slightly narrowed. His nose lifts as his eyebrows tense of its bridge. A thin line creases along his forehead but disappears in his long silver bangs. The contortions and twitches of his face are barely visible though. It is not a quizzical or confused look, nor is Boris scornful. His pupils are dilated and the stainless steel colour of his eyes is soft and deep. He appears to be ever scrutinizing, as if he is bemused by the face of his lover and how it expresses itself. He is concerned but only faintly so. His emotions are conflated into this expression, solely his own and only for Yuriy. He loves him, very much. And always will.
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