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I'm still fighting with Lycos/Tripod so that they can fix the second part of the shrine. At first, both parts were banned - I had that mishap fixed, but now the second site is...well, I won't jinx it. Just hope, okay? 

I owe doodlethemat a lemon, which is YuBo, with like bruises and vanilla, so expect that shortly. I have an idea brewing. 

But for now, the big thing is this... 

I bring you all, real Yuriy and Boris plushies that I now own, thanks to Katja Dark. All the information and more can be found here: if you want to know more, feel free to ask. No, I'm not ever parting with them, buy your own.

She makes great work, doesn't she? I love them to death...

And they love each other as well...lulz! 

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