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So like, we only have 1 more day before the WAVE♥♥♥

Anyway, good luck guys! and while I'm at it, I'mma share doodles I did last... Thursday? Friday? I can't remember anymore xDDD;;;

D; I can't draw season 1!Yuri without making him look weird...Then again Boris looks weirderwwww

Poor Boris v

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He looks so adorable~

I also love how you do Yuriy's hair~
Thank you!w Boris losses brain cells whenever I draw him, I swear.

His hair can still be a pain to draw, but it's fun!www By the way...that icon... (*w*) It's love~!
Boris is so adorable ;o;
I like imagining him as cute rather than tough hahaha.

Yuriy's hair is Satan. Hahahaha.

And thank you~!
Haha, I like a cute Boris too! Though I don't mind tough Boris as well! :D

Ahaha, you know it. xD Yuri's hair always baffles I just...kinda wing it. )x

<3 You're welcome!
h-o-my, your icon wins the award for YUBO LOVE.
I love the second one so much that I printed it. YES I PRINTED IT.

And Bris-Bear is so adorable that I might have to stay up until midnight, then molest him, and so on, so forth, BECAUSE I CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER HOUR UNTIL YUBO-NESS STARTS.

And yea, I'll totally add those to the shrine. Kawaii.
Y-you printed it?!?!? (;;OAO) Thanks, I'm so flattered! <3333

Hurrrr, the WAVE~ it started!! Yaaay! Oh yeaaah 8D ....Cri should get back to working on her stuff nao.Yet here I am procrastinating, hohoho!

Well we can agree that Boris is moeeeee!w E-especially with his Doraemon voice..aaaaah.

Hehe, and thank you so much! =D