Cri (craveroftea) wrote in yuriyxboris,

Fanart, woo! =D

Today one of my class was unexpectedly canceled creating moar time for me to kill. What do I do? Doodle some YuBo fanart of course! Bwaha!

Uh, there really isn't a need for warning labels...minus possible loss of brain cells from my terrible sense of humor. (As in it's not that funny >>)

doodly comic
I hope my handwriting isn't horrible illegible. o_o;;
For those who want to know what Boris is saying in panel 4, here's the translation: But why! Yuri! That's me to the dot!

Is this even YuBo!?
Hahaha, I think I drew a TakaRomi picture similar to this.... poor Boris.
Yuri: Stop leaning on me!!
Boris: What?!

and embarrasingly...
My first YuBo fanart EVAR.
D: I think this was the only time I put effort into Yuri's hair...and I only have the manga as reference during that time. Don't mind how Boris is already taller than Yuri in this one. Du di du di duuu~.
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